Month: May 2017

Distribution Agent fails with ‘Cannot update identity column ‘OrderID’.’

Chris SkorlinskiMicrosoft SQL Escalation Services I wanted to share this problem which started down a “your data is wrong” path, but ended up with “your customer scripts to create Transactional Replication need to be tweaked”. Customer reported the following error in Replication Monitor: Cannot update identity column ‘OrderID’. Looks like Distribution Agent is trying to
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Script to decrypt the @schema_option for a Transactional Replication Article

The code below helps decrypt @schema_option settings for Transaction Replication articles. Note the meaning of binary offset may change in future builds of SQL Server. Always check Microsoft docs for most accurate listing. You’ll find scheme_options listing documented at sp_addarticle. Code for this example now posted on Example: ---------------------------- --Set the schema_option value that
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