Specify all articles when subscribing to a publication using concurrent snapshot processing.

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I recently encountered this error when setting up Transactional Replication via SQL scripts.

Looking at my create Publication script I see the default @sync_method = N’concurrent’ being set in sp_addpublication.  Nothing I want to change here.


Further in my script I see the call to sp_addsubscription.  From the BOL, this syntax look correct.  I’m running sp_addsubscription once for each article for this subscriber.



While the script looks correct, I wondered what the script would look like using default setting created by the Replication Wizard.  To test, I recreated the publication using the Wizard, then scripted out the publication.  I noticed Replication Wizard used had only 1 call to sp_addsubscription with option @article = N’all’.


Now the error makes sense.  When using Current Snapshot Processing I need to make 1 call to sp_addsubscription  with option and specify ALL articles for this subscriber.

Chris Skorlinski
Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services

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2 thoughts on “Specify all articles when subscribing to a publication using concurrent snapshot processing.”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Was there ever a root cause for why the output of say "Generate Scripts"  to produce the sp_addsubscription commands was defining @article = 'articlename' vs @article = 'all' when the publication is using concurrent snapshot processing?

    Was this a metadata issue? I'm experiencing this and hoping you have a lead.



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