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Troubleshooting LogReader Timeout executing sp_replcmds

SQL Server Transaction LogReader Agent timeout executing sp_replcmds occurs most often when a large transactions has been written to the Published database transaction log, or there are a large number of un-replicated commands.  Either problem requires the LogReader to read more log entries than the timeout parameter allows causing the “query timeout expired” while executing
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Published Database Transaction Log continues to Grow!

A customer recently noticed their Published database transaction log would continue to grow until they backed up the Distribution database. DBCC OPENTRAN() Oldest distributed LSN     : (0:0:0) Oldest non-distributed LSN : (982:100898:1) --> 0x000003D6 : 00018A22 : 001 -- Commit Tran(sp_replshowcmds)  0x000003D6:00018A22:0004 select  [Current LSN],[Operation],[Transaction ID], Left([Description],20) from::fn_dblog('0x000003D6:00018A22:001','0x000003D6:00018A22:0004') “… to clear out the Transaction Log
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