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Distribution Agent unable to STREAM when replicating as TSQL

New for SQL 2008 is the ability for the Distribution Agent to push updates to the Subscriber using multiple connections.  This feature, called Subscription Streams, only works when replicating transactions as stored procedures and not TSQL statements. See: Enhancing Transactional Replication Performance (Use the –SubscriptionStreams parameter for the Distribution Agent.) Background The published articles can
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Navigating SQL Replication SubscriptionStreams setting

Rishi Maini | Microsoft SQL Escalation Services This blog posting discusses the new Distribution Agent SubscriptionStreams parameter.  This option reduces the latency when moving data from Distributor to Subscriber by using multiple parallel writer threads.  For more information on Replication “threads” see Transactional Replication Conversations blog posting. From SQL Books Online (good place to start)
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