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SSMS 18.1 Replication Monitor missing support for Always On

With SQL Server Management Studio 17.7 release, Replication + Always On technology was fully supported allowing registration\connections via Always On Listeners. This update fully supported use of Tracer Tokens following failover to a secondary Replica. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/release-notes-ssms?view=sql-server-2017#download-ssms-177 What’s new Replication Monitor: Replication monitor now supports registering a listener for scenarios where publisher database and/or distributor database
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Msg 21892, Level 16, State 1

ecently I posted Repltalk a walkthrough setting up Publisher, Distributor, and Subscriber each in AlwaysOn Availability groups. In this series of postings, I’m going to break then, show you what went wrong, and how to fix it. Let’s start with error message when attempting to validate a redirected publisher. USE distribution; GO DECLARE @redirected_publisher sysname;
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Walkthrough Publisher, Distributor, Subscriber in AlwaysOn Availability Groups

UPDATE: 4/10/2020 The steps below walk through setting SQL Server 2016 Replication Publisher, Distributor, and Subscriber each in an Always On Availability Group with one set of replicas residing one 1 subnet and 2nd set on another subnet simulating 2 different data centers (Pub1, Dist1, Sub2) <–> (Pub2, Dist2, Sub2). More Information: Configure replication with
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