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“Replication Monitor could not insert the tracer token”

I’m seeing an uptick in customers using combination of AlwaysOn and Transactional Replication. Some are configuring the Publisher for high-availability, and some are configuring the Subscriber with Read-Only Secondary to prevent contention from the Distribution Agent updates and “reporting” read queries. Once configured, Tracer Tokens are often used to monitor end-to-end Transactional Replication Latency. Tracer
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Divide and Conquer Transactional Replication using Tracer Tokens

As we know, Transactional Replication moves data from the Publisher to the Distributor then to the Subscribers.  When working, data flows near real-time through both of these steps.  When problems occur which interrupt this flow, latency is introduced.  The challenge is to find which step is contributing to the overall latency.  Tracer Tokens help you
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