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Marking Identity Columns as “Not For Replication” in existing Publication

We encounter a problem today with a Distribution Agent failing with “Row Not Found” when pushing an UPDATE to a Subscriber.  Reaching the problem we discovered the Subscriber was created using a Backup\Restore from the Publisher and had Identity Columns.  The Identity Columns had “Not For Replication” set to NO, which flags the Distribution Agent
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How to: Initialize a Transactional Subscription from a Backup with Multiple Backup Files

Below is a slight modification to the How to: Initialize a Transactional Subscription from a Backup steps to handle Publisher database backups to multiple BAK FILES. 1)       Execute sp_addpublication (Transact-SQL) at the Publisher on the publication database. Specify a value of true for @allow_initialize_from_backup = N’true’ and @immediate_sync = N’true’ 2)       Create a backup of
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Using Transactional Replication to support REPORTING and DIASTER RECOVERY

Here are some thoughts on using Transactional (or Peer-2-Peer) Replication Subscriber to support both REPORTING and DISATER RECOVERY. Normally “subscriber” target server would have different set of non-clustered indexes to support REPORTING capabilities. The Publisher’s indexes, check-constraints, triggers, etc, would only be added when Publisher goes down and the Subscriber comes online as the new
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