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ReplTip Push v Pull Subscriptions

Share this PostHere is a quick ReplTip on difference in SQL Management Studio and Replication Monitor for Push v. Pull Subscriptions. Push v. Pull with Management Studio For PULL subscribers you must connect via SSMS or Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to the Subscriber to performance administrative tasks like starting, stopping, or changing parameters. The icon
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Replicating Non-Clustered Indexes Improves Subscriber Query Performance

Share this PostJared Poché, MCSE, MCDBASQL Server Sr. Support Escalation EngineerProduct Support Services (PSS) – Charlotte, NC — updated 2/24/2019 One of the advantages of replication is that subscribing servers can be used for reporting thereby offloading RO query activity from the Publisher. Recently I worked on a performance case on such a replication subscriber,
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KB article 312292 How to enable replication agents for logging to output files in SQL Server

Share this PostWhile troubleshooting SQL Server Replication we often want to capture detail step-by-step execution of Replication Agent.  One technique is to configure the Agent to log its execution to a Text file.  This posting walks through a couple of different ways to accomplish this.  It is also covered in the KB article  I’ll
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