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Using MaxCmdsInTran with “sync with backup” breaks Transactional Replication

Holger Linke Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Abstract: This article describes an issue with SQL Server Transactional Replication that was detected recently. If you have configured the Log Reader agent to use the MaxCmdsInTran parameter, and also have configured the Distribution database to use the “sync with backup” option, you may experience a failure of
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Published Database Transaction Log continues to Grow!

A customer recently noticed their Published database transaction log would continue to grow until they backed up the Distribution database. DBCC OPENTRAN() Oldest distributed LSN     : (0:0:0) Oldest non-distributed LSN : (982:100898:1) --> 0x000003D6 : 00018A22 : 001 -- Commit Tran(sp_replshowcmds)  0x000003D6:00018A22:0004 select  [Current LSN],[Operation],[Transaction ID], Left([Description],20) from::fn_dblog('0x000003D6:00018A22:001','0x000003D6:00018A22:0004') “… to clear out the Transaction Log
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The process could not execute ‘sp_repldone/sp_replcounters’

Anurag Sharma | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Log Reader fails with below error message The process could not execute ‘sp_repldone/sp_replcounters’ on ‘SQLGUY’. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL20011) Get help: http://help/MSSQL_REPL20011 The log scan number (23:49:3) passed to log scan in database ‘PUBLISHER’ is not valid. This error may indicate data corruption or that the
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