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“Replication Monitor could not insert the tracer token”

I’m seeing an uptick in customers using combination of AlwaysOn and Transactional Replication. Some are configuring the Publisher for high-availability, and some are configuring the Subscriber with Read-Only Secondary to prevent contention from the Distribution Agent updates and “reporting” read queries. Once configured, Tracer Tokens are often used to monitor end-to-end Transactional Replication Latency. Tracer
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Peer 2 Peer Replication fails with Incorrect syntax near ‘sp_MS…’ (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 102)

Symptom Creating a Peer 2 Peer publication from SQL scripts and you observe the Distribution Agents failing with “incorrect syntax near”. These messages can be observed in SQL Server Agent job history, in SQL Profiler Trace, or in Agent -Output logging. Errors show below were raised on (insert) stored procedure for Production.Product table for AdventureWorks2017
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Distribution Agent fails with ‘Cannot update identity column ‘OrderID’.’

Chris SkorlinskiMicrosoft SQL Escalation Services I wanted to share this problem which started down a “your data is wrong” path, but ended up with “your customer scripts to create Transactional Replication need to be tweaked”. Customer reported the following error in Replication Monitor: Cannot update identity column ‘OrderID’. Looks like Distribution Agent is trying to
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