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@alt_snapshot_folder for PULL Subscribers

To improve SQL Distribution agent performance when applying Snapshot, first ZIP then copy the snapshot files locally to the subscriber. This is a great solution for subscribers on WAN international networks as ZIP can be smaller and faster to copy then Replication can move uncompressed Snapshot files.  Testing shows a 1gb file can take >
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Specify all articles when subscribing to a publication using concurrent snapshot processing.

I recently encountered this error when setting up Transactional Replication via SQL scripts. [crayon-6565f1a97a7d1044358923/] Looking at my create Publication script I see the default @sync_method = N’concurrent’ being set in sp_addpublication.  Nothing I want to change here. Further in my script I see the call to sp_addsubscription.  From the BOL, this syntax look correct.  I’m
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How to: Initialize a Transactional Subscription from a Backup with Multiple Backup Files

Below is a slight modification to the How to: Initialize a Transactional Subscription from a Backup steps to handle Publisher database backups to multiple BAK FILES. 1)       Execute sp_addpublication (Transact-SQL) at the Publisher on the publication database. Specify a value of true for @allow_initialize_from_backup = N’true’ and @immediate_sync = N’true’ 2)       Create a backup of
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