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Customizing Distribution Agent Stored Procedures

Share this PostYou may have the need to customize the stored procedures used by the Distribution Agent to apply changes to the Subscriber. For example, if in your particular environment replicated DELETEs often fails with “Row not found” error, by now you’ve most likely change the Distribution Agent to use the “Continue on Errors” Profile
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Walkthrough Publisher, Distributor, Subscriber in AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Share this PostUPDATE: 4/10/2020 The steps below walk through setting SQL Server 2016 Replication Publisher, Distributor, and Subscriber each in an Always On Availability Group with one set of replicas residing one 1 subnet and 2nd set on another subnet simulating 2 different data centers (Pub1, Dist1, Sub2) <–> (Pub2, Dist2, Sub2). More Information: Configure
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Subscriber bloating when VarDecimal Compressed settings not transferred

Share this PostWhen using compressed “VarDecimal Storage Format Enabled” on Transactional or Merge published tables you’ll discover this setting is not applied to subscribers leading to table bloating. Database Properties Table Properties Try This: Publish table with varDecimal [crayon-5efe1f4191a67561932797/] Observe the subscriber is not created with compressed vardecimal storage resulting in additional storage requirements on
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