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Reset topology using “Replication Support Only”

Share this PostIf you need to reset your Replication topology you can quickly rebuild subscribers using the “no initialize” also called “Replication Support Only (RSO)”.  WARNING: These steps are designed to remove ALL of your Replication configuration and settings, recreating with new metadata tables. The RSO option skips the Snapshot data reinitialization phase. It only pushed
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Example of troubleshooting Distribution Agent errors

Share this PostI thought it would be helpful to post a Replication Distribution Agent troubleshooting case to show more about replication components and troubleshooting approaches. Problem: SQL Server Distribution Agent reported “Failed” in Replication Monitor. To capture text of the message we added the following parameters to the Distribution Agent job and restarted the job. 
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Subscriber bloating when VarDecimal Compressed settings not transferred

Share this PostWhen using compressed “VarDecimal Storage Format Enabled” on Transactional or Merge published tables you’ll discover this setting is not applied to subscribers leading to table bloating. Database Properties Table Properties Try This: Publish table with varDecimal [crayon-5efe2dadbcca0884421692/] Observe the subscriber is not created with compressed vardecimal storage resulting in additional storage requirements on
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