Author: Chris Skorlinski [MSFT]

Walkthrough setting up SQL Replication Distributor using TSQL commands

The scripts below and the video capture walkthrough setting up a Microsoft SQL Server Replication Distributor using SQL commands. As discussed in previous posting, the Distributor is a key role in Replication.  It serves as a “cache” holding transactions for Transactional Replication and history tracking for all types of Replication.  I’ve highlighted some of the
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High Level Transactional Replication Process Flow

High Level Transactional Replication Process Flow I’ve posted this flow before on my BLOG but I wanted to include the stored procedure calls used by Transactional Replication. While troubleshooting Replication performance/latency we’ll try and identify which stored procedure executing from which Replication Agent has the highest IO or highest CPU usage. These usually are a
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What is a “virtual” Subscription in Transactional Replication

The SQL Replication system table syssubscriptions contains one row per published article per subscriber.  Notice the “virtual” subscriber. With the immediate_sync property is set to true, “virtual” subscriptions are created as placeholders for retaining generated snapshot (transactions). These “virtual” subscriptions are activated just like normal subscriptions by the Snapshot agent and are used to track
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