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Walkthrough Setting up SQL 2008 Peer-2-Peer Replication

Sudharshan Prahallada, Microsoft SQL Replication Support team walks through setting up Peer-2-Peer Transactional Replication on SQL 2008.  You can view this video from the BLOG or double-click to open in YouTube.  He did a great job showing the Peer-2-Peer Wizard and explaining how it all comes together in a 5 minute video. For demonstration purposes
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Programming Replication Management Objects RMO

Eric Burgess | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services You can programmatically setup and configure Merge Replication using Replication Management Objects (RMO). How to: Create a Pull Subscription (RMO Programming) Replication in SQL Server Express SQL Server Express does not include the SQL Server Agent, which is typically used to run replication agents. If
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