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Repltalk – Replication Tuning Knobs – LogReader

Share this PostChris SkorlinskiMicrosoft SQL Server Escalation Services If you’re familiar with Microsoft SQL Server Replication technology you already know each Replication Agent has various parameters or knobs you can set via Agent Profile or SQL Agent job parameter. This series of posts provide insight into tuning Replication performance using these knobs. Following the 80-20
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Suppported SQL Server versions in Replication Topology

Share this PostChris Skorlinski, Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Customer planning for migration to SQL Server 2016 asked for clarification on running mixed version of SQL Servers in their Replication Topology.  I searched for “mixed version”, but was unable to find our posted topic. My colleague George Mason tracked it down under “upgrade”.  I’m posting
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Primary Key design considerations for Merge Replication

Share this Postby Holger Linke, Microsoft SQL Escalation Engineer GUIDs and Clustered Indexes Uniqueness is a key factor when synchronizing data between SQL Server/Azure and multiple endpoints like Slates and Smartphones.  With data simultaneously created and updated on servers and clients, ensuring rows are unique to avoid key collisions is critical.  As you know, each
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