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Using Windows Synchronization Manager on x64 to Synchronize Replication (REVISED)

Share this PostWindows Synchronization Manager on x64 SQL 2005 BOL topics describe how to launch the Windows Synchronization Manager to synchronize a subscriber. How to: Synchronize a Subscription Using Windows Synchronization Manager (Windows Synchronization Manager) On x64 system, the BOL steps will start the x64 Win Sync Manager not the 32bit version.  The x64
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What are Merge Replication Anonymous Subscribers

Share this PostJosé Moreira Neto | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Particularities of Merge Anonymous Subscribers In Merge Replication, anonymous subscriptions are required if you want to create a subscription without registering the subscription at the Publisher. This is necessary for cases in which you cannot establish a SQL Server connection to the Publisher during
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The Difference between alt_snapshot_folder and AltSnapshotFolder

Share this PostSometimes MS SQL Replication developers use similar names for similar meaning but which can have very different results.  These settings both specify alternate location for the Snapshot files, however, one is set at the publication and one at an individual subscriber. alt_snapshot_folder The alt_snapshot_folder parameter is set at the Publisher for ALL subscribers. 
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