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Using Power Shell to script out Replication

Share this PostWhile troubleshooting customer’s Replication scenarios we often ask for the “script” used to recreate their replication environment.  The BLOG posting below by Chad Miller provides a great example of using Power Shell and Replication Management Objects (RMO) to script out Replication. Click here for link to Quickly Script Out Replication Redux Written on
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When publishing the EXECUTION of a Stored Procedure wrap in Transaction

Share this PostWhen Replication the EXECUTION of a stored procedure to a subscriber select the “serialized transaction” and and wrap the SP execution within a transactions. This ensures the changes are replicated as a single stored procedure execution and not as individual row-level updates. See: Publishing Stored Procedure Execution in Transactional Replication “The serializable option
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Replicating data loaded with BCP or Bulk Insert

Share this PostYes you can use both Transactional and Merge Replication to move data inserted using the BCP.exe utility of the Bulk Insert command to Subscribers. Considerations For Transactional Replication By default, Transactional Replication will replicate data loaded via BCP or Bulk Insert.  For performance, you may want to load data using the bcp Utility
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