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Replication: Unable to Synchronize subscribers via Web Synchronization

reposting from Claudia Silva Microsoft SQL Escalation Services United Kingdom http://blogs.technet.com/b/claudia_silva/ Problem: The upload message to be sent to Publisher ‘XXX’ is being generated The merge process is using Exchange ID ‘XXXXX’ for this web synchronization session. No data needed to be merged. Request message generated, now making it ready for upload. Upload request size
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Reducing Impact of Large Updates on Merge Replication

One key parameter to consider when performing batch updates against tables enabled for Merge Replication is ‘generation_leveling_threshold’.  This setting controls how many data changes should be grouped into one generations (or batch).  The Merge Agent then collect and sends those batches of changes based on the Merge Agent [-DownloadGenerationsPerBatch] parameter.  The default is to group
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