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Tune Replication Performance using PacketSize

Contributed by: Karol Korasadowicz Depending on type of data being replicated and network throughput adjusting the PacketSize parameter for the Distribution Agent may increase your overall Transactional Replication performance. -PacketSize packet_size Is the packet size, in bytes. The default is 4096 (bytes). http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms147328.aspx To see which setting has most impact, create test scenario which inserts/updates
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Transactional Replication Conversations

Transactional Replication Conversations When troubleshooting Transactional Replication performance break down the flow of data into 4 simultaneous conversation.  Examine performance of each conversation.  This will help verify where the bottleneck investigation should begin. 1)      LogReader Reader thread is reading the Transaction Log via stored procedure sp_replcmds, a wrapper for xp_replcmds.  It scans the transaction log
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