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Helpful References and Links on Setting up Merge Web Synchronization

Sateesh Yele | Microsoft SQL Server Support Below is a list of self-help resources or this scenario. These resources are used by Microsoft SQL Replication Support Engineers during an Advisory Services engagement or while troubleshooting Web Synchronization problems. We hope you too find these helpful.   Web Synchronization for Merge Replication http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms151763.aspx   Topologies for
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What are Merge Replication Anonymous Subscribers

José Moreira Neto | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Particularities of Merge Anonymous Subscribers In Merge Replication, anonymous subscriptions are required if you want to create a subscription without registering the subscription at the Publisher. This is necessary for cases in which you cannot establish a SQL Server connection to the Publisher during subscription configuration.
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