Using Windows Synchronization Manager on x64 to Synchronize Replication

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Windows Synchronization Manager on x64

SQL 2005 BOL topics describe how to launch the Windows Synchronization Manager to synchronize a subscriber.

How to: Synchronize a Subscription Using Windows Synchronization Manager (Windows Synchronization Manager)

On x64 system, the BOL steps will start the x64 Win Sync Manager not the 32bit version.  The x64 bit will not show Replication subscriptions.  In order to sync on a x64 system you must launch the 32bit Windows Sync Manager.  The steps below are modified for x64 systems.

To execute 32bit Windows Sync Manager.

  1. Open a cmd prompt or Windows Explorer
  2. CD to Windows\Syswow64
  3. execute mobsync.exe

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