How to create P2P replication to enable table partition switching

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Sateesh Yele | Microsoft SQL Server Support

Peer-2-Peer Replication Wizard provides no options to enable table partition switching. There are 2 ways to enable this feature. 

1) create the publication on ALL the peers using TSQL sp_addpublication
2) create the subscriptions using the user interface

— or —

1) create the publication using the Replication Wizard
use sp_changepublication to set properties on ALL peers
create the subscriptions

MSDN ONLINE: Replicating Partitioned Tables and Indexes

exec sp_addpublication @publication = N’mypub’

. . .

, @enabled_for_p2p = N’true’
, @enabled_for_het_sub = N’false’
, @p2p_conflictdetection = N’true’
, @p2p_originator_id = 1
, @allow_partition_switch = N’true’

, @replicate_partition_switch = N’true’


According to BOL when P2P is enabled, the following restrictions will apply in the publication properties.

· allow_anonymous must be false.
· allow_dts must be false.
· allow_initialize_from_backup must be true.
· allow_queued_tran must be false.
· allow_sync_tran must be false.
· conflict_policy must be false.
· independent_agent must be true.
· repl_freq must be continuous.
· replicate_ddl must be 1.

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