References and Links on Change Data Capture

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I’m developing in-depth training on Change Data Capture and created this BLOG posting as a reference for BOL topics and Web links I found helpful while researching CDC.  I’ll update this posting with more links as time goes by.  I hope you too find these helpful.

Basics of Change Data Capture  (great chart and overview of CDC)
Enabling Change Data Capture (cover sys.sp_cdc_enable_db and sys.sp_cdc_enable_table)
Using Change Data (more details on using queries to extract changed data)

I just completed a walk through of this sample CDC-SSIS combo.  It was vary easy to setup and run.  The SSIS package automatically executes all the setup and CDC scripts, then starts a data load along with CDC captures of changed data into a Data Warehouse.  This would be a great building block for creating your own SSIS package to pull SQL changed data using CDC and SSIS.
Improving Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture

Must read “white paper” on CDC including tips for high volume data systems.
Tuning the Performance of Change Data Capture in SQL Server 2008

A very nice easy to follow blog posting from Ray Barley on CDC and SSIS at
How To Process Change Data Capture (CDC) in SQL Server Integration Services SSIS 2008

Note: These links do not represent Microsoft endorsement nor product recommendation.

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One thought on “References and Links on Change Data Capture”

  1. Hi Chris — I’m looking specifically for information on cdc enabled on a transactional replicated database. We have a question “Does re-initializing an article or the full database cause cdc to be overwritten on the replicated database?”

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