Cannot Replicate “Stored Procedure Execution” when CDC is Enabled

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Replicate Execution of Stored Procedure and CDC:

With Transactional Replication you can replicatethe  execution of the Stored Procedure like this:


This has several advantages as discussed in this article: .

When you enable Change Data Capture (CDC) at the Database level, replication of the stored procedure execution will NOT work. This is By Design. Change Data Capture (CDC) does not support tracking at stored procedure execution level, which means individual rows logged by stored procedure execution need to be flagged with REPLICATE bit, which makes it impossible for Transactional Replication to replicate only the stored procedure execution.  As a result, ‘stored proc execution’ will work only when Transactional Replication is enabled and CDC is not enabled.

Taiyebali Zakir | Support Escalation Engineer | MS SQL Server CTS

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