ReplTip — Showing pending changes for Merge Replication using sp_showpendingchanges

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ReplTip — Showing pending change for Merge Replication
by Sateesh Yele, SQL Server Escalation Services 

We often get merge replication cases where the merge agent is running for long durations and customer would like to know the pending changes at both publisher and the subscriber that the merge agent has to replicate. We do have a system stored procedure sp_showpendingchanges that will provide an approximation of the pending changes that need to be replicated
at that database. This proc will list inserts/updates/deletes per article and can also filter by the subscriber server/database name. 

However, the proc does not work well when the subscriber database name is same as the publisher database name. Please refer to the below blog for more details. This proc should be used as an approximation to get an idea of number of pending changes and not for exact row count of changes. 

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