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website challenges

Share this PostSorry, but website is having a few challenges today and we’re working to get these corrected. There has been a critical error on this website. Chris Skorlinski   Share this Post

Initialize Subscriber from Differential Backup

Share this PostMy colleague LubĂ­n Hidalgo Carro, Microsoft SQL Support Engineer, was helping a customer initialize the Transactional Replication subscriber via backup\restore method as documented here and on The main steps shown below are to create the publication, change allow init from backup, then take a full backup. Create the publication using
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Replication and Distributed Availability Groups Limitation

Share this PostCurrently Microsoft SQL Server Always Distributed Availability Groups does not support one global listener for the entire distributed availability group. Replication technology is currently is configured using a single Listener, therefore until either Distributed Availability Groups support a single Listener or Replication support multiple Listeners, Distributed availability groups and Replication environments are not
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Change Tracking fixes in SQL 2014 SP4 CU4

Share this PostThe Cumulative Update 4 for SQL 2014 SP3 contains these important fixes for Change Tracking technology. Cumulative Update Package 4 for SQL Server 2014 SP3 – KB4500181 FIX: Tlog grows quickly when you run auto cleanup procedure in SQL Server 2014, 2016 and 2017 FIX: Syscommittab cleanup causes a lock escalation
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SSMS 18.1 Replication Monitor missing support for Always On

Share this PostWith SQL Server Management Studio 17.7 release, Replication + Always On technology was fully supported allowing registration\connections via Always On Listeners. This update fully supported use of Tracer Tokens following failover to a secondary Replica. What’s new Replication Monitor: Replication monitor now supports registering a listener for scenarios where publisher database and/or
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