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ReplTip – Setting LogScanThreshold can result in LogReader failure

Share this PostContent provided by Sateesh Yele, Microsoft SQL Escalation Services BOL/MSDN documents –Logscanthreshold as “internal use only”. -LogScanThreshold scan_threshold Internal use only. Other blog postings imply how to adjust this setting for better Logreader agent performance.  If you add this parameter to the Logreader SQL Agent command line and start the agent, Logreader
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ReplTip – Subscribe to “all” restriction using “Initialize with backup”

Share this PostReplTip – Subscribe to “all” restriction using “Initialize with backup” Chris Skorlinski Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services I ran into a couple of challenges using the Backup\Restore method to setup a SQL Server Replication Subscriber.  In particular, using this method you are unable to subscribe or un-subscribe to an individual article.  Using Backup\Restore
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SQL Server Profiler showing 9003 Exception when CDC is configured

Share this PostWhile troubleshooting a customers environment I encountered the following 9003 Exception error message captured in SQL Server Profiler. “The log scan number (42:358:1) passed to log scan in database ‘<db name>’ is not valid. This error may indicate data corruption or that the log file (.ldf) does not match the data file (.mdf).
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