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Reinitialization MS SQL Replication Subscirber may cause data loss

Share this PostIn Transactional Replication Subscriber reinitialization instructs the Distribution Agent to locate and distribute a NEW Snapshot to the Subscriber.  In Merge Replication, the reinitialization is done by the Merge Agent. Depending on the Replication settings, the Subscriber tables may either be 1) dropped, deleted, or 3) truncated resulting in loss of data on
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Transactional Replication Conversations

Share this Post Transactional Replication Conversations When troubleshooting Transactional Replication performance break down the flow of data into 4 simultaneous conversation.  Examine performance of each conversation.  This will help verify where the bottleneck investigation should begin. 1)      LogReader Reader thread is reading the Transaction Log via stored procedure sp_replcmds, a wrapper for xp_replcmds.  It scans
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Using Windows Synchronization Manager on x64 to Synchronize Replication

Share this PostWindows Synchronization Manager on x64 SQL 2005 BOL topics describe how to launch the Windows Synchronization Manager to synchronize a subscriber. How to: Synchronize a Subscription Using Windows Synchronization Manager (Windows Synchronization Manager) On x64 system, the BOL steps will start the x64 Win Sync Manager not the 32bit version.  The x64
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