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CDC does not require Unique Index

Share this PostChange Data Capture feature of SQL 2008 is based on Transactional Replication.  CDC and Transactional Replication used the same internal stored procedure sp_replcmds to retrieve data updates from the transaction log.  However, unlike Transactional Replication, CDC does NOT require the tables to have a unique index (or Primary Key). In fact CDC can
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What happens if I select Create a snapshot immediately in the Publication Wizard?

Share this PostWhen creating a Transactional Replication publication, what happens if I check Create a snapshot immediately and keep the snapshot available to initialize subscriptions? This sets the publication property @property=‘immediate_sync’,@value=‘TRUE’ which instructs Replication to keep all the transactions cached in the Distribution database for the entire Retention Period.  Normally these rows are purged as
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Visual Studio Utility to Compare 2 SQL Server Databases

Share this PostDuring performance troubleshooting we often need to look at difference between two different databases.  We’ve used SQL Server Tablediff Utility for the data changes but doesn’t help with schema changes.  For schema differences you can use Database Compare tool available for Visual Studio. How to: Compare the Data of Two Databases Schema
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