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Executing batch UPDATE commands on Publisher and its affect on Transactional Replication

Share this PostJosé Moreira Neto | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services Problem 1: batch updates 1)      A single update command can generate a transaction with thousands of commands. For example if you execute an UPDATE statement that updates 10K rows on the publisher, up to 20K commands can be send over to the subscriber. On
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Tune Replication Performance using PacketSize

Share this PostContributed by: Karol Korasadowicz Depending on type of data being replicated and network throughput adjusting the PacketSize parameter for the Distribution Agent may increase your overall Transactional Replication performance. -PacketSize packet_size Is the packet size, in bytes. The default is 4096 (bytes). To see which setting has most impact, create test scenario
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Divide and Conquer Transactional Replication using Tracer Tokens

Share this PostAs we know, Transactional Replication moves data from the Publisher to the Distributor then to the Subscribers.  When working, data flows near real-time through both of these steps.  When problems occur which interrupt this flow, latency is introduced.  The challenge is to find which step is contributing to the overall latency.  Tracer Tokens
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