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Published Database Transaction Log continues to Grow!

A customer recently noticed their Published database transaction log would continue to grow until they backed up the Distribution database. DBCC OPENTRAN() Oldest distributed LSN     : (0:0:0) Oldest non-distributed LSN : (982:100898:1) --> 0x000003D6 : 00018A22 : 001 -- Commit Tran(sp_replshowcmds)  0x000003D6:00018A22:0004 select  [Current LSN],[Operation],[Transaction ID], Left([Description],20) from::fn_dblog('0x000003D6:00018A22:001','0x000003D6:00018A22:0004') “… to clear out the Transaction Log
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What Immediate_sync means in Transactional Replication

José Moreira Neto | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services sp_addpublication parameter: [ @immediate_sync=] ‘immediate_synchronization’ Immediate_sync has a default of FALSE. independent_agent must be true for immediate_synchronization to be true. Immediate_sync feature instructs Replication to maintain Snapshot BCP files and distributed transactions in the Distribution database should a new subscriber be created (or reinit) within the
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What is a “virtual” Subscription in Transactional Replication

The SQL Replication system table syssubscriptions contains one row per published article per subscriber.  Notice the “virtual” subscriber. With the immediate_sync property is set to true, “virtual” subscriptions are created as placeholders for retaining generated snapshot (transactions). These “virtual” subscriptions are activated just like normal subscriptions by the Snapshot agent and are used to track
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