Troubleshooting SQL Server error “The operating system returned error 1453”

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I worked on an interesting SQL startup problem today.  I don’t see this error very often, but since there wasn’t much on the web, I thought I would write it up and post it on my blog.



SQL Server was configured for Max/Min RAM to 11gb on a 16gig system.  Sounds reasonable as this leaves 5gb for OS, SQL code, etc.  Task Manager even shows 16gb, however we had a very active 17gb page file.  Taking an OS kernel dumps shows only 6gb physical ram.  So why don’t we see all 16gb ram?

Discovered the VMWare “Memory” “Resource Allocation” setting was restricting physical memory to 6gb.


We changed the VMWare memory allocation for this server to “unlimited” and restarted the server.  Now all 16gb ram was available and SQL no longer reported memory allocation errors.


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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting SQL Server error “The operating system returned error 1453””

  1. Thanks for this…my SQL Server was trying to use more memory than we have on the box, and very likely starving the OS….all just to backup a t-log 🙂

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