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Distribution Agent fails with: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF].

Sateesh Yele | Microsoft SQL Server Support Symptom Distribution Agent is failing when connecting to subscriber server when replicating between cross domain servers. Consider this, you are setting up replication between 64 bit edition servers that are cross domain and the Distribution Agent is failing with the following error in Replication Monitor. The process could
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Helpful References and Links on Setting up Merge Web Synchronization

Sateesh Yele | Microsoft SQL Server Support Below is a list of self-help resources or this scenario. These resources are used by Microsoft SQL Replication Support Engineers during an Advisory Services engagement or while troubleshooting Web Synchronization problems. We hope you too find these helpful.   Web Synchronization for Merge Replication   Topologies for
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What Immediate_sync means in Transactional Replication

José Moreira Neto | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services sp_addpublication parameter: [ @immediate_sync=] ‘immediate_synchronization’ Immediate_sync has a default of FALSE. independent_agent must be true for immediate_synchronization to be true. Immediate_sync feature instructs Replication to maintain Snapshot BCP files and distributed transactions in the Distribution database should a new subscriber be created (or reinit) within the
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