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The insert failed. It conflicted with an identity range check constraint

Share this PostTaiyeb Zakir Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Support Services When replicating identity columns  and using Auto Identity management, you need to make sure ranges are defined properly. The default “ranges” for automatic identity range management, while good 20 years ago, may need to be tuned for today’s higher workloads. Share this Post

Transaction Log won’t truncate when using Snapshot Replication to Azure SQLDB

Share this PostChris SkorlinskiMicrosoft SQL Server Escalation Services Customer encountered transaction log growth for a Published SQL Server 2016 database while nightly refreshing Azure SQLDB. We discovered the default publication setting “replicate_dll” was still enabled. SELECT [description],[name],[replicate_ddl] FROM <your published database>.[dbo].[syspublications] description name replicate_ddl —————————————————— ———- ————- Snapshot publication of database ‘AdventureWorks2014’ Customers 1 (1
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Clarification on MSDN Initialize a Transactional Subscription from a Backup

Share this PostI hope this blog posting will provide some clarification into the MSDN article providing steps on how to initialize a transactional subscription from a backup. First I want to clarify the @backupdevicename parameter. The article reads like the “DISK = “should be included in the parameter, it should not. For a physical
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